End of Life Care Film


Dying is a social and spiritual and cultural event, and only part of that is to do with medicine. This moving film tells the story of a good death.. and a good bereavement.

Molly and Judy’s story demonstrates how early conversations make a big difference. The film also shows what can happen when health and social care teams work together and communicate well. Only by talking openly – and honestly – with those closest to us, and those providing our care, can we help to ensure that our final wishes are me.

All families should expect the same compassion, level and quality of end of life / palliative care shown in this film.

This film will be useful for patients, families, GPs, clinicians, care staff, social workers, care managers, carers, community nurses, nursing staff and local Health and Wellbeing boards.

Other useful resources:

Find me help – directory of local end of life and palliative care services http://help.dyingmatters.org/

NHS Choices – What you can expect during end of life care

NHS Choices – Planning ahead for the end of life

AGE UK – befriending service

Alzheimer’s Society – Living and dying with dementia report https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/sc…

Every moment counts report – how good, coordinated care looks to people near the end of life http://www.nationalvoices.org.uk/ever…

Via fab NHS stuff


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