Improving the quality of care in the last days of life: A practical guide to getting the medications right

London Clinical Networks. Published online: 14 July 2016


This document identifies best practice in the way medications should be managed in the last days of life. It sets out high level, evidence-based recommendations to help guide those responsible for care to review their processes and consider ways to make change where necessary.

This document aligns with Statement 11 in the NICE Quality Standard 13, End of life care for adults by addressing what needs to be done with people’s medications so that the care they are offered remains coordinated and delivered in the best way possible.

NHS England’s publication Actions for end of life care: 2014-162 sets out its commitment for statutory and voluntary partners in health and social care to work together to develop a vision for end of life care in future. This work is being carried out by the Ambitions for End of Life Care Partnership . The Partnership aims to transform experiences of end of life care by focusing on what would improve person-centred care, encouraging local communities to engage with the need for high quality care at the end of life, highlighting what would enable better coordination of care in the last days of life, and supporting networks of facilitators and champions.

Read the full report here


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